Flies/midge repellant for Alpaca

All of these have been strongly recommended by different alpaca owners. Each swears by one or other of them! (:
The comments are not mine, they were posted by the owners.

Conventional Treatments

*** Sprays, can be dabbed on with cotton wool or other and should be in sensitive areas. No sprays should be allowed near eyes, face or feed/water.
Always read the instructions carefully, these can be toxic chemicals. Test on a small area and always consult your vet if there are any concerns or sensitivities before applying.***
  • Nettex advanced fly repellent, I use this, seems to work well.
  • Naff off Deet- We have been using (in a purple bottle naff off extra ) it works way better than the normal naff off.
    (Nettex fly strike repellant and also naff off a horse fly repellant with citronella. I find the nettex best. Make sure you spray his top knot carefully avoiding his eyes and then put a glove on and spray into that and gently put around his face avoiding close to eyes and nose)
  • Leovet Power Phaser Fly Protection – not sure how safe it is for cria!
  • Barrier super plus – seems to work well on me as well as for the alpacas
  • Flygard fly spray has such a fine mist they tolerate it really well
  • Deosect is the only product which works for me, bought as a concentrate and diluted into spray bottles – last well, no need to keep reapplying.
    (Says apply every 2 weeks or weekly if flies are bad. You mix it up/dilute it yourself. We spray them weekly when needed. Flys stay away from them. We apply around 80 – 100ml diluted mix per alpaca with and old kitchen disinfectant spray bottle well rinsed. Brilliant stuff. Flies don’t seem to land on them once applied. Amazing stuff but wear gloves and don’t breathe it in, it is pretty strong stuff. 🙂 20ml of Deosect with 1 litre of water will do around 10 alpacas).
  • Barrier Enhanced Formula Fly Repellant – smells lovely and works like a treat!
  • SWAT works great and lasts a few days.

Fly repellant creams ( perfect for cria, around wounds and for alpaca that do not like sprays)

  • Nettex Summer Freedom Salve – Love this, works well
  • NAF Off Citronella Gel for Horses
  • NETTEX Summer Fly Cream for Horses
  • Barrier Super Plus Fly Gel
  • Equimins Biting Midge Cream
  • F10 Barrier Cream Ointment 100g Pet Insecticide Antibac Wound Fungal Animal

Herbal/Home made

  • We use a home made spray, cold tea, citronella, meths (or alcohol), vinegar, and a squeeze of washing up liquid
  • Tea tree in water in a spray bottle flies don’t like it! And all herbal
  • Vanilla – Just learned that flies HATE the smell of vanilla! Buy the little tree shaped car air fresheners and hang them up.. I put 10 or so in my barn, black flies, deer flies, horse flies—GONE!!
  • Garlic granules (for horses) works really well sprinkled in their feed
  • Gel – Veredus Bio Repel Gel


Red Top fly trap
Ultimate Fly trap
Horse fly traps

Midge masks – people use pony masks. I modified a miniature horse fly mask. Get the stretchy kind and take a tuck right up the center top and bottom. Keep the excess inside, no need to cut. It helps hold the mask away from the eyes.
Fly Parasites Predators – I use Spalding Labs Fly Predators to combat the flies. They definitely help!

Midge allergy : Pink Clay helps, also, Sweet-itch cream. I have one who gets the same every year. I find treating her with 10ml of Spot on really helps along with some soothing cream ( I DONT KNOW ABOUT THIS, I would check with my vet before using spot on, in this way)